Shadowrun 6 - 1.3.x


After having been in the making for 2 months, this release brings a lot of changes. It includes new supplements like the “Krime Katalog” or “Ingentis Athletes” and it has a focus on several aspects of gear management. You also get more control to select the supplements you want to work with.

Attention! You will need at least version 6.2.0 of the Genesis starter application to have this release working properly.

New supplements

There have been some digital only releases for Shadowrun lately and we have been busy including them.

  • Krime Katalog
    Features gear for trolls and orcs

  • Ingentis Athletes
    Has some troll metavariants which Genesis now supports

  • “Age of Rust” and “Adversary”
    This fiction comes which stats blocks for gear or a new mentor spirit.

  • “Schattenload” July 2020
    This german Mini-PDF issue features two new vehicles.

The supplements are only available in their respective language and possibly won’t show up in your Genesis installation if the language don’t match.

Select supplements

With the list of publications for SR6 growing, comes the decision if you want to use them all or just some. While experienced players prefer to have them all, novice players often start only with the core rulebook and don’t want to see the extended options yet.

Plugin verison 1.3.0 introduces a per character choice to define a filter on the options (gear, qualities …) you are offered. The default is is to get all the data available in the language you are running Genesis in. But you can decide to get all plugins (meaning: also those that are not available in your language) or selected plugins.
When you handpick your plugins, you can also choose those not available in your language.

New gear modification screen

We redesigned the screen where you add accessories and modifications. The most prominent change is of course the design. We are using, where available, a silhouette image that represents the item category - e.g. the silhouette of an Ares Predator for all heavy pistols.

Around that center, the info and accessory slots are positioned. Positions may vary, depending on the kind of gear edited. You can also define how many instances of this item you have - even for those objects usually not counted.

New Feature: You can set a custom name for the item and write some short notes. While this may not be necessary for weapons, it usually is useful for vehicles.

New Feature: Choose which conditional modifiers apply

Some pieces of gear - e.g. the smartgun system - grant bonus points depending on circumstances, like “is a smartlink present”, “is a laser sight active”. Due to this circumstances, Genesis hasn’t included this modifiers in the past. The new plugin list the modifiers and allows you to select those you want to apply.


New categorization

We formerly had an item category weapons with subtypes like close combat weapons or heavy pistols. It turns out that some subtypes (like machine guns or close combat weapons) are worth to have an additional layer (like MMG vs. HMG or blade vs. club) or categories. So, instead of one type ‘Weapon’ we now have ‘Close Combat Weapon’, ‘Ranged Combat Weapon’, ‘Firearms’ and ‘Exotic Weapons’ - each with suitable subtypes.

We also introduced more subtypes for armor, to seperate regular armor, armored clothing (Clothes with a positive social value AND armor) and regular clothing.

We hope that this eases finding your weapon or armor. We are investigating to make this changes to drones and vehicles too.

Improved item selection dialog

The selection dialog that appears when you want to add a piece of gear has two improvments.

  • The search field now searches in all subtypes, not only the selected one.

  • You can select multiple items at once. They will be added one after the other. In case of choices to be made for an item, you will get multiple question dialogs.

Editable PDF components

You can now edit the following elements of the PDF in your viewer:

  • Edge

  • Nuyen

  • Condition Monitors

  • Ammunition

  • Vehicle notes

Printing notes in PDF export

In the SIN & Lifestyle section of the generator you can add some notes to your character, but until now they did not appear on an exported PDF. This has been changed, so they will now show up on the extended gear pages.

Remove entries from the reward history

In case you made a mistake adding your reward, you can now remove the reward from your history. In case you already invested the Karma reward, your spendings will remain, but you will have a negative Karma balance - until you add your corrected reward karma.

Of course, there also have been numerous corrections and bug fixes.


In case you want to help improve Genesis/Shadowrun, have a look here. We do have our sources in public repositories (linked in the link above), in case you want to get a feeling for it. At the moment we are fairly good on the data contributor side, but we could use Java developers. Or - if you are working on your own SR6 application and are thinking about importing our characters, we would be thrilled to hear. Or if you are interested in providing translations.

If you just want to have a chat with us, you can find us on Discord.

Did you know that we are providing a Dicebot for Discord? It can import Genesis characters.

And did you know that you can define custom data for Shadowrun?

We are dedicated to bring you Genesis for free, but we are happy if you support us on Patreon.

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