Shadowrun 6 - 2.3.x


This release features content from 3 german Mini-PDFs and has a completely new PDF export option for newbie Shadowrun 6 players.



Beginner Sheet

If you are completely new to a roleplaying game, a several pages long character sheet can be very intimidating. So we thought about copying the char sheet design from the Beginners Box and provide a very reduced one-page sheet for your character.

Naturally we needed to omit details and decide which type of character gets to see which sections. We hope the result still works for all of you and will bring more players to your table.

New German Content

The german publisher Pegasus released 5 new Mini PDFs for Shadowrun 6 lately - 3 of them contain new gear or mentor spirits.

  • Datapuls “Alpen”

  • Datapuls “DeMeKo”

  • Datapuls “SOTA 2082”



All updates

  • Bugfix: The Echo “Machine Mind” now doesn’t put a control rig in your inventory anymore (which costed essence), but is recognized directly as a control rig on your extended vehicle sheet.

  • Bugfix: Removing accessories now refreshes the item screen

  • Bugfix: Allow a broader range of accessories for helmets

  • Improvement: You can now define primary range and melee weapons (required for Beginner Sheet)

  • Improvement: Following SRM, we introduced a specialization for Electronics/Complex Forms

  • Improvement: Added the adventure modules from the german publication “Alpträume” to the database.

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