Shadowrun 6 - 1.4


The new plugin release features two new supplements and several bug fixes. Originally we also planned a new PDF feature, but that has been postponed to a later release.

New supplements

The newest supplement “Slip Streams” (“Schlagschatten” in German) is included, as well as the supplement that is even older than the Core rulebook of SR6 itself.

“Slip Streams” features character options to play a ‘Returned Soldier’. Admittedly we had problems mapping the creation rules to our current architecture. What usually is a 12 Karma quality needed technically to be split into several qualities.

This supplement does not really fit into the SR6 rules - you still notice that it orignally was a SR5 supplement rulewise. Some mechanics of the SR6 version left open some questions, so we did our best to provide a balanced interpretation (e.g. for “Stolen Gear”)

Since there never was a SR6 edition of this book on the german market, it isn’t provided for german users unless explicitly conifgured.

All updates

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