Shadowrun 6 - 2.1.x


Dez. 30, 2021


Getting issues...


We changed the way how we implement exotic weapon skills, overhauled the weapons element on the extended gear pages (PDF) and introduced an option to enable/disable the US third printing errata.


PDF: New weapon details element

We completely redesigned the weapon element on the extended gear pages. You can now use custom images for your weapons and get the accessories and modifications in a much more compact way.

As a play aid, we created a list of all factors that contribute - statically or conditional - to the attack rating value of a weapon. Also the effects of firemodes to the AR are calculated.


Optional errata usage

The third printing of the core rulebook (the Seattle City Edition) included some errata, like not being able to buy spells/complex forms with customization karma or being able to keep up to 5 remaining karma and up to 5.000 Nuen when leaving character generation.

Not everyone plays with this rules yet, so we made this an optional choice on creation.

Exotic Weapons skills

Up until now Genesis expected you to buy an Exotic Weapons specialization on a per weapon basis (e.g. the Monofilament Whip). We changed that to a more player friendly interpretation of weapon groups (e.g. Whips).

You will see warning messages in your skill screen in Genesis informing you of deprecated skills and you can change them in the application.

We also introduced a generic “Other” specialization.

All updates

Of course there have been a lot of other changes as well.


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