Shadowrun 6 - 1.2.x


Jan 15, 2020


Getting issues...


This release introduces support for “Firing Squad” (“Feuer frei” in german) and the german supplement “Datapuls: SOTA 2081”.







It also contains a handful of bug fixes and layout improvements for the PDF.


Aside from all the new data, changes have been made to the user interface and the exported PDF.

  • Support for gear modifications
    When you edit your weapon or armor, you can now use the “Modifications” tab to apply modifications to the gear.

  • UI: Pages have been renamed and sections reordered.
    The page formerly labelled “Equipment” is now labelled “Combat”. It contains the new Martial Arts section. The “Other gear” section has been moved to the page formerly labelled “Electronics”, which is now labelled “Equipment”

  • PDF: The armor element on the first page has changed.
    It now lists only the taken into account for the defensive rating, not e.g. simple clothing or lesser armor.

  • PDF: New optional combat page
    The majority of this optional page is a list of all combat-related or general actions, Edge boosts or Edge actions. It also contains a cheat sheet for the combat process itself and a table for martial arts.


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