Rule differences between FR and US

New Edge Actions

  • Bribe a contact (2 Edge): rise Loyalty of a contact for one test.

  • Friend of a Friend (Variable): Gain a temporary contact, cost Network + Loyalty.

  • Encourage (4 Edge): Influence + Charisma, give 1 Edge per hit to the target without going beyond its Edge attribute + 1.

  • Harangue (4 Edge): Influence + Charisma, give 1 single Edge to any target per hit.

    • Big Speech and Bring the Drama have been removed, so I’m putting the two above in their place in the translation.

  • Get someone on your side (4 Edge): Influence (Etiquette) test, if successful the target will talk favorably about you and will try not to cause harm.

Character creation

  • Priorities

    • Instead of magic*2, the magic column lists the number of formulas. 

    • It still match magic*2 for all choices except for Technomancer C who get 3 complex forms instead of 4.

  • Magic

    • Adepts' power points are equal to magic (US rules).

    • Mystic adepts losing magic through essence means losing PP. (same as post chargen)

  • Qualities : No cost changes. Here’s the relevant changes for chargen.

    • Exceptional attribute: No 10 max to attribute rating (no metatypes can reach 11 atm) and can be bought once per attribute.

    • Dermal deposit : Base unarmed damage become 2P, not S/2P

    • Elf and Ork Poser are merged into one Poser quality.

    • Impaired (Attribute): Reduces the attribute by 2 to a minimum of 2, has no level option so it can only be taken once per attribute.


  • 7 strength = +1 melee damage, 10 strength = +2 melee damage


  • Adepts and Mystic Adepts gain PP following the US rules. Mystic Adept lose power points whenever they lose magic.


  • Augmentations

    • Cyberlimbs: Attribute augmentation cost no capacity until the character’s natural attribute, then cost 2 per rating.