Spells and Complex Forms at creation

In the first edition of the SR6 core rules existed some ambiguity regarding what exactly can be done with customization karma.

US-Version 2019

Each character receives 50 Karma to make a little move forward. The points are spent on skill or attribute advancement, as well as additional funds … or an additional quality …

According to the text, only skills, attributes, Nuyen or qualities could be bought. But it also referenced the table of advancement costs, which of course listed spells, complex forms, initiation and submersion. It remained unclear, if those could be bought as well. (Genesis allowed this)

US-Version September 2021

A new print edition of the US rulebook was released for GenCon in September 2021, which incorporated a third batch of errata. For the first time, it clarifies what exactly is or is not allowed with the customization karma.

So spells and complex forms are now not allowed on character creation anymore - while Initiation and Submersion is. Althoug the Seattle Edition of the CRB has yet (End of December 2021) to be published, Genesis already follows this new rules.