Shadowrun 6 - 1.5.x

This release features the content of the new magic book “Street Wyrd” (german: “Arkane Kräfte”)


“Street Wyrd” gives you a lot of new spells, adept powers, metamagics, qualities, traditions and adept ways. It also features a mechanism to build custom spells and alchemical mixtures.

To add custom made spells, use the “Pen” Icon on your spell section.

In the dialog that comes up, you can enter all data of the spell.

The option for spell creation is available even when you don’t explicitly allow “Street Wyrd” as a plugin.



Data from german supplements

Special items like the ISDN emulator software “ALICE” from the german campaign setting “Netzgewitter”

Known Problems

The quality “Scholastic mage” (german: “Akademischer Zauberer”) reduces Karma cost for knowledge skills AND allows you to buy knowledge skills for Nuyen. The first variant is supported, the last effect not. Mainly because we don’t have a user interface for selecting how to pay you knowledge skill (yet).

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The complete list of issues that has been worked on

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