Shadowrun 6 - 2.0.x


This is the first larger release after 6 months and it is packed with changes, which is why we chose to increment the major version number of the plugin. We worked hard to get the new Rigger book “Double Clutch” (German title: “Vollgas”) supported, we started integrating changes from the Seattle Edition of the Core rules, we had major changes to the exported PDF, we updated the Foundry VTT JSON export and did minor comfort changes and bugfixes.


Easier custom descriptions

Since some time now the Shadowrun 6 plugin for Genesis supports adding text descriptions to spells, qualities, and so on. For most users this was too hidden or just tedious to manage.

We added options to add custom descriptions from within the application. Wherever you find the Pen button, you can open a dialog to enter/paste your description. For qualities, spells and such this description will show up on the PDF.
(This feature requires the Genesis 7 main application)

Cover: Double Clutch

Double Clutch
The new Rigger rulebook added a LOT of drones and other vehicles and of course introduced more complex modding options. These options required changes deep in the heart of the Shadowrun plugin and we managed to get most of them realized in the application (Some restrictions/choices Genesis cannot enforce).

Of course you get new modifications and the availability of the new modding rules requires changes to content in the Core rulebook.

And then there are new qualities and edge actions - a lot of them.

Summarizing we can say, that this is the most complex rule supplement we included yet.

Custom Vehicle Editor

Double Clutch features a modular build system for custom vehicles. Unlike the Street Wyrd spell creator this is more formalized, so we decided to include a dedicated creator for those items.

Similiar to the custom spells, you can open it using the Pen icon in the section (for vehicles or drones).


Updated Core Rolebook

The 3rd printing of the Core rulebook had some significant changes and clarifications, which we started implementing (we are still waiting for the official errata file to work with).

Melee attack rating now always includes strength, buying additional spells/complex forms on creation is not allowed anymore (Initiation/Submersion is), up to 5 Karma can be saved for career mode, …

Edge Action Overview

Shadowrun 6 has really a lot of Edge actions - and qualities that help reduce cost for some of them. We introduced a new in the application that lists all Edge Boosts and actions and highlights those you got for reduced cost.


Signature Maneuvers

Double Clutch introduced the concept of “Signature Maneuvers” - the combination of two edge actions that can be executed together (therefore allowing you to use more than one egde action per turn). While the name hints a relation to piloting a vehicle, the concept is universal for all Edge actions.

Genesis allows you to define your custom maneuvers. You find this option on the skill page.

Highlights PDF Export

New vehicle detail view

The PDF so far, had three places where vehicle data would show up - and none of these had all details - so we reevaluated this.

On the minimal sheet, vehicles still show up in a small table with just the basic data, but we removed the larger tables from the Rigger page and improved the extended gear pages.

Also new: you can assign custom images (300x200 pixel) for your vehicles/drones. (This feature requires the Genesis 7 main application)



Redesigned Rigger page

With the vehicle details gone from the Rigger page, we had a lot of empty space on the page. So we overhauled it.

The most space is now used by a cheat sheet table for rigging/piloting someone else designed as a Google Doc (I forgot who - sorry).

The Rigger console element does not list all software anymore (there are too many of them now) - only those you have installed sorted by type.

Also the “Signature Maneuvers” found a place to stay on this page.

Edge Actions play aid

Knowing how to spend your Edge is essential for Shadowrun 6. We introduced an option to generate overview pages of all Edge boosts and actions.

The idea was to help you remember what an action does. We paraphrased the essential information for each action and added a page reference, in case you want to study the rules for an action again.

All actions/boosts are sorted thematically and should you have a cost modification for an action, the changed Edge cost for your character is highlighted.

(Edge cost tracking is fairly new in Genesis - please let us know if you miss something.)




The character sheet PDF with all optional pages gets quite long. For easier navigation we do now provide bookmarks to specific pages.

Minor changes

  • The Foundry VTT JSON export got updated to export vehicles.

  • We now support language dependent versions of data definitions, meaning we support that the US rules sometimes have different stats for gear than the DE or FR rules.


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