Release 0.5.x


With this release support for matrix related information and actions is included in the player sheet. As it is with all releases of the 0,x series, we don’t offer automatically tracking all values like Overwatch Score and such yet.


Magic, Resonance or mundane

You can now select if you are a magic user (and what type), a Technomancer or mundane. Some parts of the sheet reconfigure themselves depending on your choice - e.g. the “Magic” tab is only visible for magic users.

Track money

Keeping track of your Nuyen is now an option in the head of the character sheet.

Select used matrix devices

This section lists all available matrix devices and allows you to select the ones you want to use for your stats.

Accessories for each device can entered in a text field visible when the item is unfolded.

Basic matrix attributes

Configure your matrix attributes and get your derived values for matrix attack und defense ratings.

You can also manage your Overwatch Score.

For technomancers you can configure your resonance attribute and use is to distribute points to your matrix attributes - or initiate rolls to resist fading


For technomancers

Roll Matrix actions

The sheet offers a list of matrix actions and allows initiating a roll. It automatically determines the pool used for each action.

Complex Forms

Make a list of your complex forms and initiate rolls to thread them.

Editing a complex form


Like metamagics for magic users, you can list all your learned echoes.

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