Release 0.4.x


This release introduces aspects regarding magic currently missing on the player and NPC sheets. It also reorganizes all derived values regarding defenses to appear on the “Combat” tab, adds “Add” buttons to all item sections on the character sheet and provides a complete rework of the roll dialog and chat messages with rolls. The later especially provides the foundation for later rule mechanics.


New “Magic” tab

You can now inspect all your magic related items of your character in a dedicated new tab.

Here you can enter your magic rating and select a (mage) tradition attribute.

Rolling spells tests is possible as well.

With 0.4.0 this tab is not complete. Some data and derived attributes are still missing and will be added in later releases

Directly add items on your sheet

Instead of creating items in your local compendium and dragging it to the sheet, we now provide “Add” buttons in several sections that add character owned items.

Roll Dialog for spells

Reworked rolls

We migrated several roll options into a more sophisticated roll dialog.

For opposed tests it let you compare attack and defense ratings (DR is detected from selected targets, if any) and calculates which side is getting Edge.

You can also decide where to spend your (pre-roll) edge. For the most options, this is purely informational and has no game effect (and the Edge action list is not complete).

If you are casting spells, you can modify them here too.

Last but bot least, the mechanical modifications to your roll are still possible

First draft of new chat messages

Opposed rolls in Shadowrun are very complex. There are a lot of informational aspects about the decision made in the roll dialog. Together with the roll result, they influence things like the damage code. Some information is mandatory to show, other visible upon request.

And there is need for more interaction, like defense rolls, soak rolls or resisting drain …

The new chat message is not there yet, be progress has been made and will continue with later releases.



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