Phase 1: Dumb, but complete

This phase focuses on providing means to have all vital information in your character or NPC sheet and allow you using the game system for play. It still requires that you are aware of all modificators applying to your pools and adjusting rolls manually if need be. (Shadowrun is a beast when it comes to all things possibly influencing your stats or that of your gear.) Instead of knowing it all, we will allow you to adjust all values manually.





Version 0.1.x
2021-04-23 - 0.1.0
2021-04-30 - 0.1.1

PC sheet

  • Managing attributes, skills, monitors, qualities

  • Performing skill rolls

  • Importing characters from Genesis

NPC sheet

  • Not implemented yet (or at least not yet usable)

Genesis Export

  • Exports attributes, skills, monitors, edge

Version 0.2.x

2021-05-13 - 0.2.0
2021-05-24 - 0.2.1
2021-05-31 - 0.2.2

Main theme is “Combat”

PC sheet

  • Managing your initiative on your sheets

  • Rolling initiative is supported

  • Introducing the “Gear” item type - but only for weapons yet

  • A new “Combat” tab allows you to manage your weapons

  • Allow weapon attacks. (No attack/defense rating comparison yet). Show weapon stats in chat

  • Allow defense rolls

NPC sheet

  • Add skills to overview tab

  • Add weapons to overview tab

  • Allow weapon attacks

  • Allow defense rolls

Genesis Export

  • Exports gear

Version 0.3.x


Main theme is “Gear”

PC sheet

  • Bioware/Cyberware on Overview tab

  • Add Ammunition to the “Combat” tab

  • Introduce new “Gear” tab for remaining equipment

NPC sheet

  • ?

Genesis Export

  • Exports more gear

Version 0.4.x


Main theme is “Magic”

PC sheet

  • Introduce new “Magic” tab for spells, adept powers, initiation

  • Introduce astral initiative

  • Allow spell attacks

  • Allow magic defense

NPC sheet

  • Add spells to overview tab

Genesis Export

  • Exports spells, adept powers and

Version 0.5.x

2021-07-07 - 0.5.0
2021-07-?? - 0.5.1

Main theme is “Matrix”

PC sheet

  • Introduce new “Matrix” tab for matrix devices, personas and resonance

  • Introduce matrix initiative

NPC sheet

  • Yet to determine

Genesis Export

  • Exports matrix devices, personas

Version 0.6.x


Main theme is “Rigging”

First and foremost a new tab for vehicles and rigging will be added to the player sheet.

I am thinking about a way to convert vehicles/drones (that are items) from the character sheet to Foundry actors. But this may not appear in this version yet.

Version 0.7.x

Clean up and beautifications