Developer Version

Currently Genesis is being remodelled to provide an auto-update mechanism and to better provide information which updates are actively supported. You can help us find problems with the new installation mechanism.


Unlike previous versions, Genesis will come with an installer.





Windows (64Bit)





Probably installed in /opt/genesis

Mac OS



Genesis creates a “genesis” directory in your users home directory, where it stores logfiles and downloaded plugins.


After installation, there are two new launchers: “Genesis” and “Genesis Staging”. The first one is the regular starter, while the other is a version for testers.

Known restrictions

Support for creating platform specific installers is in a pretty early state for Java applications and there are bugs and missing options.

  • For Windows the option to ask the user for an installation directory crashes the installer when executed and is therefore not used right now.

  • Registering the application in the start menu does not seem to work yet.

  • There is no Icon yet (or to be correct: I added one, but it is not working)

  • Also the application is unsigned, making it suspicious to operating systems like Windows or OSX.

  • The location of the application data directory (“<user-home>/genesis”) may be not optimal for every platform.


You can report your errors either via Discord or Slack.