Gamemaster commands

The following commands are dedicated for gamemasters running an online session. The provide means to track Edge or Initiative and request checks from your players and collect results. If you only want to use the Bot to make simple rolls and keep track of Edge and Initiative by other means, you won’t need them.

A session is something that is tied to a channel in Discord.

Session Control

Beginning a session

To start a session, the user acting as a gamemaster issues the command

<session start

After this command, the Bot considers you to be the gamemaster in the channel where you issued the command. It has no effect on other channels.

Allowing players to join the session

Players need to explicitly join your session to make use of the enhanced functionality. You are in control on who is allowed to be part of your session and who isn’t. Every time a player issue the command to join your session, a small message appears where you need to react by clicking on the reaction emoji.

If you click on the reaction below the message, the player is admitted to your session.

Seeing who is in your session

To see if there is a running session, who the gamemaster is and what players joined, use the following command:

<session show

The result looks like this:

Finishing the session

As long as you are the gamemaster in a channel, noone else can become gamemaster here. So, remember to stop the session once you are finished playing.

<session stop

Future versions of the Dicebot may provide means of removing sessions somebody forgot to close, but at the moment, there is no such feature.

Getting a gamemaster sheet

This command works only for players who have a linked character file created with Genesis.

The Bot can generate a PDF that lists attributes, skills and qualities of all characters in your session. Use either command


The former will generate the PDF and post it into the channel for everyone to see. The later will post that PDF directly to you in a private channel.

Request a check from your players and collect results

Experimental feature

Often during a session you want all players to make a roll and get an overview who scored how many hits. If everyone is rolling, there are a lot of individual results on the screen, but no collection of all results. The check command tells the players what to roll - either for those having a linked character or for the others.

might result in

The players can now:

  • Type a simple “roll” command - e.g. “<roll 7”

  • Type “<roll outdoors”, if they have a linked Genesis character

  • or simply hit the dice reaction, if they have a linked Genesis character

Whenever a player makes their roll, the message is updated with the results: