Player commands

Modes of operation

The Shadowrun 6 Dicebot can be used with just basic or enhanced features.

  • Basic features
    The dicebot allows you to make your rolls and track Edge and Initiative during a session. You will need to consult your character outside the Bot, to know your ratings and relevant values.

  • Enhanced features
    The Dicebot makes special use of Shadowrun 6 characters created with the generation software Genesis. You won’t need to consult your character sheet to make rolls and you can inspect your characters weapons, armor and other details (under development)

Everyone will be able to use the basic commands, but the enhanced commands are reserved for players with linked Genesis characters.

Linking your character

To link your account with your character created with Genesis use the upload function. Locate the XML file of your character in your data directory (The data directory can be found in the Genesis settings) - usually players/myself/shadowrun6/<charactername> and upload it into the Discord channel. It is recommended to do this before joining a session.

Joining a session

The intended way to use the Bot is that one user creates a session and get to be the designated gamemaster of the channel. If you are willing to join, you must issue the following command:

<session join

The gamemaster needs to accept this Join request. Unless (s)he does, you cannot use the Edge and Initiative tracking features. The same is true if you decide not trying to join at all.

Rolling dice

Basic: A normal roll

The very basic command to make a roll is <roll <number-of-d6>, e.g.

<roll 12

will roll 12 D6 and count the hits.

Basic: A roll with exploding dice

If you want the 6es to explode, add “!EXPLODE” (case sensitive) to your command.

<roll 12 !EXPLODE

The dice flagged with a “+” are the dice added due to the dice explosion.

Basic: Roll with a wild die

Sometimes you want your roll to include a wild die (consult the core rules for explanation). You can achieve this by adding “!WILD” to your command

The wild die is marked with a different color. The additional 2 hits it grants when it shows a hit are included in the result.

If the wild die shows a 1, the 5s in the roll are not counted as hits. This is reflected by the “-” icon on the die.

You can combine both flags (!WILD and !EXPLODE)

Basic: Add a message to your roll

If you want to give your GM additional context for a roll, you can add a message in quotes.

You can combine this with flags

Enhanced: Rolling dice with linked characters

The main feature about linked characters is that you don’t need to consult your character sheet - you can simple name the skill or attribute you want to roll. The Bot automatically sums skill rating and attribute rating.

If the Bot finds anything like an adept power or quality related to that skill, it is shown in the result. The same is true for pool modifiers that are bound to a specific condition.

Enhanced: Adding a modifier to your skill check

If you get any modifier for your roll, just add it with e.g. “+2” to your command.

Enhanced: Rolling with skill specialization

Broken right now - use the modifier option above


Enhanced: Using a different attribute for skill checks

If you don’t want to roll a skill check with the primary attribute, just add the attribute’s name after the skill name.

Enhanced: Adding Edge attribute

You can simple add the word “edge” to your roll, to tell the Bot to add your Edge attribute to the roll. It automatically adds the !EXPLODE flag.

Of course, all this options can be combined with the !EXPLODE or !WILD flags or a message, which are basic features.

Making a roll the GM requested

To do

Tracking Edge

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Rolling Initiative

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Inspecting your character

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