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The following configuration directives can be used by any user that has the MANAGE_SERVER permission.

Configure the command character

The command character is the character that precedes all commands. The default configuration is '<'. This can be changed:

Code Block
<config char !

The command above tells the Bot to use “!” as a server (Guild) wide setting for the command character. To return the Bot to its original state, the command would be

Code Block
!config char <

Enable or disable auto-cleaning messages

If you are playing in a channel, displaying handouts and making dice rolls, after some times you need to scroll a long time over a dice rolls and results to find the handouts a GM was showing. The Auto-Clean feature deletes those messages after 10 minutes.

Code Block
<config autoclean on

Exception: When the Bot is restarted, it does not delete messages from the time before it was restarted. Also, if the Bot does not have the necessary privileges (MANAGE_MESSAGES) to delete messages, the feature does not work.